About me…

Helping people navigate their most important career and life transitions is the central focus of my career. From my early work as a university career counsellor, through my years as a manager and leader, and over three decades as a management consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of gifted individuals discover their career purpose, improve their results, maximize their ‘whole life’ productivity, and translate a lifetime of learning and impact into a sustainable legacy that enriches those who follow. Along the way I’ve also been recognized as an award-winning author, leadership trainer and coach. But what matters most to me is the opportunity to help others turn their aspirations into achievements.

So… let’s say you have a goal in mind… something important enough that you’re ready to invest significant time, energy, and even money to achieve. That’s a great start… but it’s just a start. My experience – and tons of research evidence – make it clear that you’ll be most likely to reach your goal when you can answer three fundamental questions:

What is your Big Why?
Having a well-defined goal is not enough to guarantee you will reach it. If it were then you’d never have to recycle your New Year’s resolutions… where the only thing that changes is the date. You need a reason to turn an aspiration into an achievement. When the going gets tough, and you’re tempted to abandon your goal, what will keep you going is why achieving the goal matters to you. I’ll work with you to clarify your expectations, and to establish specific outcome measures that define what success looks like. We will use these to jointly assess our progress throughout the process.

What is your Unique How?
Having a goal and a reason doesn’t automatically reveal the path that will get you where you want to go. You have a variety of preferred ways of working and being and you need to apply these insights as you map your strategies and plans. You can’t simply rely on someone else’s mindset, style or program. You need to chart your own unique way forward. I’ll use a variety of assessment and in-depth interview tools to provide practical insights into how to ensure your success. We will work through a collection of learning and application exercises tailored specifically for you.

What are your Proven Strengths?
Once you have a clear goal, a compelling ‘why’, and a unique ‘how’, your success will depend on how well you apply the capabilities you’ve developed throughout your life, but that’s not all. The reality is that you’re not equally capable of tackling all of the tasks your plans require. You need to maximize your strengths and compensate for your limitations. I’ll work with you to explore your most successful and fulfilling past experiences to identify your core strengths. We will then apply these to the critical learning and action steps in your plan. We’ll also find ways to access the supports you need to overcome the obstacles you encounter, including those rooted in your own limitations.

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