This week’s tool… Capability Barrier Analysis

This is the second in a series of bi-weekly blog posts that include practical tools to help you improve your personal effectiveness. I typically introduce these tools in my weekly LinkedIn newsletter. Click on this link if you’d like to read the articles and, hopefully, subscribe to receive them automatically in your Inbox. There are also buttons below to download a PDF copy of this week’s tool and to sign up for our mailing list and receive my blog post automatically as well.

This week’s tool is mentioned in my June 21st newsletter article: Overcoming Failure: It’s Not About Willpower! In the article I describe the Capability Barrier Analysis tool and process as a way of identifying the sometimes unseen performance barriers that cause us to fall short of our intended results and impact. This tool will help you plan more effective performance improvement strategies than simply ‘trying harder.’ You can apply it to any personal performance shortfall you experience, or use it to help others address theirs…

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