Relationship Multiplier: A Self-Assessment

Welcome back to my bi-weekly blog posts featuring practical tools to help you improve your personal effectiveness. As in the past, I introduce these tools in my weekly LinkedIn newsletter. Click on the link to read all my articles and, hopefully, to subscribe to receive them automatically in your Inbox. There are buttons below to download a PDF copy of this week’s tool and to sign up for my blog post mailing list and receive these tools automatically as well.

This week’s tool expands on my November 23rd newsletter article: The Relationship Multiplier that Maximizes Impact.

In that article I provided an overview of my ‘Relationship Multiplier’ framework, and how you can use it to identify ways that others can contribute to our success, especially in areas where our efforts have fallen short or been blocked.

Use the button below to access the self-assessment. Then, dive into the self-assessment and activate your relationship multiplier.

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